What our clients say

“It is such a pleasure working with Grapeviners…Anglian Water has been working with
Grapeviners on a pilot to change behaviours on sanitary waste disposal amongst females. This
topic is rarely discussed and so many women are unaware of the social and environmental
problems caused by flushing this waste….”

Rachel Dyson, Programme Manager, Anglian Water

“We’ve just completed our third campaign with Grapeviners which have all delivered measurable return on investment. They also delivered rich testimonials, insightful data and product feedback, from which we can generate social media content, use claims for marketing and unearth ideas for product development. We now have an army of advocates who are continuing to drive sales and increase trust in our brand. They come highly recommended.”

Tom Pellereau, Inventor, (BBC The Apprentice Winner)

“I have worked with Jane at Grapeviners in my last two roles and have valued her input greatly.  Jane has a great way of stripping back strategic intent and offering solutions and ways forward for word-of-mouth brand comms that is both brand and audience appropriate and which have real world impact.  Jane and the team are terrific to work with.”

Laetitia Rennie, Director of TV Commercials and Branded Content

“Grapeviners have been an extension to our team, offering honest and strategic counsel to guide us through the launch of our business and app.Most importantly they understood our business and needs, and even decided to invest in the project which gave us huge confidence in their belief in us and their drive to make it a success.A true partnership, highly recommended.”

Simon Crick, Managing Director, Access Logistics

“Grapeviners is a trusted agency partner I have been fortunate to work with on many occasions. They are the voice of reason and honesty in a world that often tells you what they think you want to hear. They have built solid influencer strategies ...

Fiona Wylie, ex-Marketing Manager, infirst Healthcare

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We bring influencers into the NDP process. We empower them with kudos, social currency and inside information. You get the consumer insights you’d expect from your market research, but building advocacy along the way, with people who love to recommend to their large social networks.  Talk to us  before you launch anything!